Applicant Tracking System

ApplicantOne offers a fully functional system that automates all of your hiring needs.  From the time that your organization decides it is time to hire someone to that new employees on the first day of work ApplicantOne automates the process.  Our state of the art Applicant Tracking System does it all and the best part is that it is integrated with the systems you use today.

  • Requisition creation and approval automation
  • Job Distribution to hundreds of job boards and Social Networks
  • Reduced data entry through Resume parsing and our Smart Forms
  • Custom skill mapping and grading
  • Proprietary Video Interview module
  • Custom Hiring Process on a per requisition basis
  • Integrated interviews and calendar
  • Customizable new hire onboarding
  • Fully integrated to background screening, drug testing, payroll systems, and HRIS

Video Interview

Tired of phone screens? We are too! ApplicantOne’s proprietary video interview has eliminated the initial phone screen or interview. Take what used to be a 30-minute conversation and turn it into a 90-second video interview. Our video interview is not a video meeting. Our video interview also called a one-way interview, is where the recruiter can establish a few questions (mostly the items you would want to ask in the phone screen) and send those to the candidate. Then the candidate from the comfort of their home at a time that is convenient can:

  • Do further research on your company
  • Review the questions
  • Thoughtfully record responses to the questions.

After the candidate has completed the video interview, the results get fed right back to the recruiter. The recruiter will:

  • Receive a notification from their Applicant Tracking System that a video interview is ready for review
  • Quickly review the responses, grade the candidate and decide next steps.
  • Share the video interview with key stakeholders

A one-way video interview can take a thirty to sixty-minute time commitment between the recruiter and the applicant and reduce it to just a couple of minutes. The recruiter has the opportunity to ask the questions they would like, and the candidate gets time to think about the questions and respond thoughtfully. Using a video interview will also allow the recruiter to include more candidates in the process. Instead of spending thirty minutes on one candidate the recruiter can review dozens of candidates while on the go in that same timeframe using video.

Hire the Best. Recruit and evaluate candidates faster so you can hire with greater confidence, and save money.


We get it. You need to fill a position with a quality candidate — fast. But you’re overwhelmed by the time-consuming undertaking of finding the right one. It would help if you had a customized, high-tech, affordable way to search through the haystack, narrow down the prospects, and find that perfect match for your company.  No problem. Let us do the “dirty work” of locating the right applicants with our proprietary state-of-the-art technology and hands-on source managers. We’ll optimize your job description to attract the ones you’re

looking for and use every innovative tool, including video interviews, to narrow down the field of ideal prospects for you. Then, we’ll present a pool of qualified candidates for you to make the final decision. Now, wasn’t that easy?

Top Applicant Tracking System tools find the best candidates faster so you can hire with greater confidence.

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